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About Click Clock

About Click Clock Education


Wow, before we knew it, it’s already been 26 years!

As our students have grown, we have also witnessed the growth of Click Clock: from the five hundred square feet classrooms in Tsim Sha Tsui, our expansion has allowed us to present a wide range of educational services. It was all thanks to the support of both our students as well as parents that have been with us every step of the way, and from the bottom of our hearts, we’re truly thankful!

In the beginning, we only offered educational services from our small-scale classrooms, and parents had brought their children all the way from Aberdeen, Kennedy Town, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Tung Chung or even Shenzhen, to our Kowloon classroom. The support we’ve received since our founding has been astonishing!

And now, over twenty years later… we offer not only teaching materials but are also looking towards other aspects of education, ie publication.

Parents are the navigators of a child’s development, and at Click Clock we are the companions in this journey of learning, walking in lockstep together along this path. This is why before the development of any educational initiative, we are never far from the role of “educational companion”.

Currently, we are offering the following streams of educational products:

A.     Introducing “Click Clock Home Learning”: includes kindergarten Chinese, English, and mathematics

There are [electronic version] and [paper version] for parents to order online and teach them at home by themselves, including children’s Chinese, children’s English and children’s mathematics.

Why use “Home Learning”?

Young children have a tremendous ability to absorb information, and at this stage of development they are very active and curious learners, making early childhood the “golden period of learning.” Many parents don’t want to miss out on this window of opportunity for optimal growth but are also concerned about the potential toils and stress of attending actual tutoring classes at such a young age. Home Learning can allow children to learn in a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment, and that makes it a parent’s ideal choice.

What are “Home Learning”?

Click Clock “Home Learning” offers Chinese, English, and mathematics courses. We offer K1, K2, and K3 level courses, and each level is further divided into 10-12 stages. Parents can comfortably stay at home, and educate their children based on their age, strengths, weaknesses, and individual needs to select the appropriate course material, allowing the education to progress smoothly and freely.

What are the strengths of “Home Learning?”

From the moment parents purchase our learning materials, your child has already started on their journey of learning! Our courseware is built with continuity and contiguity in mind, aiming towards constructing a “solid foundation” for your child, and the lessons are paced according to the student’s progress and individual learning speed. For parents looking to “fast-track” the students’ learning, you can elect for a fast-paced educational model, allowing the more gifted children to move faster and challenge more difficult material. No matter what you decide, we can certainly provide the appropriate courseware, ensuring that our students will truly reach their full potential!

To order, please click on “Home Learning Kids- Chinese” “Home Learning Kids - English” “Home Learning Kids - Mathematics”


B.     Click Clock Exercise Books include…

Beyond just enrollment in Click Clock courses, parents may also elect to purchase different levels of supplementary exercises in Chinese, English, as well as mathematics, strengthening your children’s weaker subjects and allowing them to excel in testing at schools. Our exercise books closely follow the requirements of schools, while also providing a large variety of different exercise problems that allow students to learn in an integrated manner, placing emphasis on “review” and “mastery.”

Parents can purchase online or go to our distributor bookstore. The categories include K3 high-efficiency Chinese, English, and math exercise books for primary one, primary school Chinese, English, math, general knowledge exercise books and middle school math exercise books. Set up [Electronic version]/[Paper version] / [Bookstore version]

Here are our Exercise Books:

Pre P1 Exercise Books (Chinese / English /Mathematics)

Primary Chinese Mock Paper (攻略版) P1 – P6

Primary Chinese Comprehension (應試版) P1 – P6

Primary Chinese Grammar (深化版) P1 – P6

Primary Chinese Punctuation [Elementary] [Intermediate] [Advance] 

Primary English Pre-Exam (Mock Paper) P1 – P6

Primary English Comprehension (Reach Top) P1– P6

Primary Mathematics Pre-Exam (Mental Version)– Chinese edition P1 – P6

Primary Mathematics Pre-Exam (Mental Version)– English edition P1 – P6

Primary Mathematics Assorted Topics (Theme Version) – Chinese edition P1 – P6

Primary Mathematics Assorted Topics (Theme Version) – English edition P1 – P6

Primary Mathematics StudiesTopics (Challenge Version) – Chinese edition P1 – P6

Primary Mathematics StudiesTopics (Challenge Version) – English edition P1 – P6

Primary General Studies (Topical Version) - Chinese edition P1 – P6

Primary General Studies (Topical Version) - English edition P1 – P6

Secondary Mathematics Assorted Topics(Concept Check Point) F1 – F3

Secondary Mathematics Compulsory Part(Concept Check Point) DSE Students


In addition to the already published exercise books listed above, we here at Click Clock pledge to continue following our motto to “teach with heart, educate with compassion.” We will continue to develop new courses and subjects, to provide our next generation with the best possible education, fulfilling our role as “educational companions”!